Relive your wedding in virtual reality with Never Ending Wedding

Your wedding will be the best day of your life. Shouldn’t you be able to experience it as you did on that magical day? With virtual reality, you, your guests and your family can fully immerse themselves in the special event with virtual reality, at any time, for the rest of your lives.

What is it?

Imagine looking through a headset and seeing your favorite past event unfold. When you look to the left, your view moves to the left as if you were there. If you want to move forward and get a closer look at the other side of the room, you press a button and it’s like you’re there.

How we do it

On your special day, Never Ending Wedding will set-up unique 360-degree cameras to capture every angle throughout the ceremony and celebration. The next day and forever, you can relive that moment from thousands of angles through an included virtual reality headset. We also offer custom Google Cardboard headsets for your guests.

The joy of your wedding
will never be further than a
touch of a button

360 Recording

We use small 360 cameras to capture the best footage without distractions

Google Cardboard headsets

We offer branded Google cardboard headsets so your guests can relive the experience

Want more information?

We always love to hear from our customers. Please reach out and we’ll be happy to walk through the process.